About Moi

Me Against The World

Hey There!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Norris. I’m half French and half Singaporean in my early twenties, currently residing in Sydney. In my blog, you will see posts that are related to what i enjoy doing most! I am interested in anything that has to do with Fashion, and especially Travels – which includes Food, Music and Art!

Travelling has always been my passion, in fact whenever I find myself to have that little extra time off work, I would straight away look out for the best deals around! Also, during my childhood and teenage years, I used to constantly travel around Asia depending on where my father’s next assignment would lead him!

Born in Argenteuil, a small city in the Parisian suburbs, I lived in France for just two years before my parents moved to Bangkok, Thailand where I spent nearly my whole childhood there (13 years to be exact, with amazing memories!!). We were in Jakarta, Indonesia in between those years for a short period of 10 months.
I stayed  in Singapore for a total of 9 years on that tiny yet elegantly classy island!
And I have just recently moved to Sydney in April 2013.
Hence explaining my need to travel constantly!

Preppy lifestyle has just caught up with me during my university years, along with the Indie scene which influences my style. And I’m french, so it is in my blood to be fashionable!

I hope you enjoy my posts, please feel free to leave some comments.

A Bientôt!


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